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CFA - Canine Foster Alliance
Canine Foster Alliance (CFA) is the non-profit segment of Hearts and Paws. It was created to provide individuals the opportunity to partner with us so we can fulfill our mission to:
  • Help canines find a permanent home.
  • Enhance human/canine relationships.
  • Have a positive impact on the next generation of canine caregivers.

Rescue and Foster agencies do get help with spaying and neutering along with vaccinations and medical treatments. However, these agencies receive very little help in the areas of training and education to insure the successful placement of dogs into a permanent home. Hearts and Paws provides thousands of dollars in discounts and pro bono work each year to rescue and foster agencies by:
  • Providing training and education to enhance the canine's adoption potential.
  • Providing socialization opportunities through training and daycare.
  • Providing professional coaching in the sensitive task of canine introduction to family canines.
  • Providing "how to" DVDs/Workshops on the most critical aspects of foster/rescue care and training.
  • Supporting foster families in the management of multiple canine households.
  • Providing the opportunity for pre-screened rescue and foster canines to work with with a human companion in our Kids and Dogs Camps. This not only greatly increases the potential of adoption, but also provide a child, who does not have their own canine an opportunity to work with and train a canine.

CFA also provides scholarships for low income families to enable their children to participate in our Kids and Dogs Camps. To see the impact these camps have had, watch this short video.

If you would like to partner with us in helping us achieve this mission, click on the button below to give securely online. If you would like to give by check, make your check payable to C.F.A. and mail it to: